About Carter

Certified John Maxwell Group Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

I am honored and privileged to work with Amilia and Value UR Self to bring hope, healing, health, and happiness to our clients. 

The tragedy of domestic violence touches every neighborhood, county, and city across America, as well as the entire globe. Value UR Self is dedicated to partnering with counties, and cities to reach those in the neighborhoods that have lost their voice and become silent. 

We are here to support, educate, and affirm your voice, your value, and empower you. You can transform your life from where you currently are, to where your hope and dreams can take you. Together, through our workshops, conferences, retreats, and coaching we will help you "Conquer Your Can't"

I combine faith, fitness, and athletic performance to deliver 40 years as a recognized expert in the field of fitness and athletic performance. That’s why multiple contestants from the popular NBC TV show; “The Biggest Loser” choose me for their at home training — including; Marie Pearl, Season 15 at home runner up, Gina Harris MacDonald Season 14’s at home winner, season 12’s Big Vinny at home runner up, and Nashville’s Hannah Curlee season 11 runner up. From the world’s best known gyms and his own gym in Houston, TX. I have developed efficient and effective exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies for people from all walks of life, including professional athletes to Christian Music artists. I have been blessed to train Pro’s from all the major sports including the; NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and Olympic athletes. 

I was a contributing editor, and author of multiple articles for Men’s Health Magazine. I was also a co-writer for the book, “The Power of Champions.” I have written my first book, “Discover Your Road to Divine Health” and subsequent eBooks, “The 5C’s Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential,” and “Fit for the Fight.” I have been a featured guest speaker on national and local radio and TV programs, as well as in the Nashville Tennessean newspaper.

I am here to help you combine the power of faith, plus the principles of health and wellness, to guide you to live a more balanced, vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

You are worthy to feel absolutely incredible, and we are here to help, and guide you.

To book Carter and Amilia for Speaking, Workshops, and Executive Coaching please go to:  http://www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/carterhays/

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