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Member: United Nations Association of the USA & UNA-Women

With my passion-driven focus to help others, I am a very active person who is highly committed in my role as an inspirational mentor. Through my mentorship, I work with clients in either individual or group settings, and forums to help them in their life’s transitions. I believe that there are no regrets necessary in life, only opportunities to learn from mistakes that are the result of wrong choices. With this at the heart of my inspirational healing and transformational practices, I am committed to finding a way to reach out to anyone in need as they navigate through the challenges of their life. I stand behind my clients with encouragement to help them pick up the pieces and become stronger through their trials, improve self-awareness, increase self-love, so they can live a happier, and healthier life.

“I enjoy teaching individuals the importance of self-value; the understanding of how this can help you make better choices.”

Over the years, I have had many mentors who have taught me valuable lessons and strategies about how to make a true impact on other people. Brian Tracy is one such man, and through his motivational speeches he has offered great insight on how to help people move past all obstacles and find success. Tony Robbins has also offered great inspiration with his attitude of just “do it.” Every day is a chance for a new lesson and an opportunity to extend my life experiences and commitment through inspirational coaching to someone in need. I remember the words that Oprah Winfrey has said, referencing having passion in your heart allows you to use it as a special gift to reach out to others. This aligns perfectly with my vision and life goals.

I am quite active in Toastmasters International, a wonderful nonprofit platform that trains individuals in public speaking, and how to present themselves with confidence. I am currently my clubs President, and Area Director, and continuing my Mentorship Practices. Now I am also excited to add Best Selling Author to this list, having created a chapter in Success Manifesto, which is co-authored with my mentor, Brian Tracy.

My inspirational book, Pain Behind Broken Vases, has a been released, January 1st 2019, and will be followed up with Picking Up the Pieces later this year. I was recently interviewed on the TV show, Times Square Today. Times Square Today appeared on CNN, CNBC, and Fox News affiliates around the country.

I am passionate about the power of family, and cherish the opportunities to connect with my parents, son and daughter, and her five grandchildren, which are a constant source of laughter and joy for me. And to all who ask, what my best nugget of wisdom is, I often say;

“When we understand how important it is to value one’s self, it changes the dynamics of our lives.”

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