MeetUp : SHARING YOUR VOICE, the Women of New York are Incredible

Our MeetUp is an interactive group where women from all over the spectrum come and work together for a stronger more fulfilling life.

In our MeetUp we will learn how important it is to support one another, and to empower each other. Going through a painful time should never be a lonely time.

It is time to take back our voice, the voice that has been burdened in silence. 
Together we will gain the confidence and courage necessary to change our lives.

Abusive behavior should NEVER be an option in our life. 
Together we will stop being afraid, and bring our power to the surface. “You will begin to live your life, not your story”

Join me on this amazing journey. Our MeetUp, Women Standing Strong, is turning an ordinary bus, into an extraordinary experience and journey with Best Selling author and speaker, Amilia Powers. From incredible views of NYC, to fabulous lunch locations, join us for amazing conversation, great new friendships, empowering discussions, and overwhelming support. You can join Amilia twice a month starting Saturday September 30th, from 12 until 5pm as we head out from the Westchester Marriott (where we catch our upscale bus) to a famous New York City landmark, and incredible restaurant for lunch, and more...

We will have different MeetUps focusing on the importance to "RISE", not just here in New York, but around the country and the world.

Click CONTACT and leave me a message, and I will send you all the information. 

I look forward to seeing you. Join Us for an amazing time. 


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