Breaking Your Silence

 Breaking Your Silence, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 company (EIN # 82-2145270) whose mission is to partner with local, state, and the federal  government to eliminate the ravages of domestic violence from our neighborhoods, cities, counties, and across the country. All donations are tax deductible.

Our program is designed to empower women to “break their silence” as they stand up and take control of their lives. (BYS) meets women where they are in the process of healing and encourages them to continually take action in moving forward with their lives.

Through donations, contributions, and partnering with local businesses we are creating a program to educate, empower, and encourage women to take back their lives. Our goals are to help women believe in themselves, transform the way they think and react to the world, as well as taking daily action to break the bonds of abuse. 

Local communities, counties, and states provide the first line of intervention for the victims of domestic abuse. Once someone's immediate safety, sheltering, and basic needs are met through government resources, the long road for healing begins.

Breaking Your Silence was created to help transition the victims of domestic abuse down the road of healing, hope, and regaining control of their lives; spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

We will provide specific life coaching , mentoring, and training to give women the tools to take back control of their lives as soon as possible. We will facilitate and coordinate the creation and implementation of strategic partnerships with the physical training community, i.e. boxing clubs, martial arts, weightlifting gyms, and more to help victims empower themselves through exercise. We will provide seminars, workshops, coaching, and mentoring opportunities for every participant.

Breaking Your Silence will help women transform a difficult circumstance in their life into an opportunity for increasing their self esteem and personal development, as they continually grow in confidence and courage.

Your donations, large or small, will help us fund our 90 Day Program for women that have been abused in the Westchester County Area of NY. 

Your donations will help Breaking Your Silence provide a 3 phase program over a 3 month period of time. The donations will allow us to provide our Program to victims at a 0 cost to them. I am including an example of Phase 1.

Phase One | First 30 days

I. Reinforcing Safety

(BYS) will diligently work with local law enforcement, and our [Breaking Your Silence Safe Business Program] to reinforce the emotional and physical safety of anyone being abused.

II. You’re not Alone

One of the worst feelings that abuse victims feel is that they are all alone, with nowhere to turn, no one to listen to them. "You’re not Alone" is a morning meet-up for coffee where we simply meet and talk, enjoy a cup of coffee with new friends, and build relationships for this difficult time, as well as hopefully creating life long friendships.

III. Finding Your Voice

"Finding your Voice" begins the process of “breaking your silence,” and offers a safe environment for people to speak freely about what is happening in their life. This is a facilitated group that Amilia Powers runs where she encourages safe participation to deal with the emotional turmoil and hurt of abuse. This group meets weekly; with one group in the morning, and one group in the evening to accommodate various schedules.

IV. Physical Training and Conditioning

(PT&C) is an integral part of our program. We have two major area’s of our life where we can quickly regain control; our attitude, and our fitness (strength). Physical activity such as boxing, martial arts, weightlifting, and  yoga, to name just a few, help us reconnect with the positive aspects of our bodies, and immediately begin the process of taking back control of our lives.

By creating renewed physical strength participants can "jump-start" their healing as they learn to refocus their emotions and begin to hear "their own"" voice again. Just the feeling and sensation of wrapping your hands before putting on boxing gloves can create a sense of confidence and courage that have escaped many women. Lifting weights and experiencing the feeling of transforming a weakness into a new strength can be the catalyst to emotional recovery and ever reaching hope.

We will be partnering with Westchester County boxing clubs, martial arts studio’s, and fitness facilities to give women choices in training. This is certainly optional yet highly encouraged. Breaking Your Silence will cover the cost of our participants first 90 Days of training to encourage and empower their road to recovery, reestablish control in their life, and promote continued healing.

The funds we receive will immediately go to advertising our program through multiple channels; multi-media, free information workshops, and contacting business owners in Westchester County to encourage their participation and support.

We will immediately begin working with Westchester County's Domestic Violence Program to receive referrals of women in need for our program services. Once they voluntarily join our (BYS) 90 Day Program we will begin our individual coaching and group coaching sessions, weekly interactive groups, and begin matching participants with the type of physical training they would prefer; boxing, martial arts, weightlifting, and so on with our select participating facilities.


of our donations will go directly to marketing, advertising, and administrating our program throughout Westchester County. 

-We will be begin with press releases to all local media; print, radio, and TV.

-We will approach the Westchester County business community to partner with us in spreading the word on Breaking Your Silence.



of our donations  will go directly to offering our programming to the women referred to Breaking Your Silence.  These donations will help:

-cover the cost of our training facility rental for workshops, and meetings.

-books and materials for our education programming

-training equipment "Athletic Bags" filled with:

*training gear: boxing gloves, hand wraps, weightlifting gloves, jumprope, water bottle, towel, journal, and more.

-special events with guest speakers

-mentoring program, and leadership development for participants that would like to become facilitators when they complete the 90 Breaking Your Silence Program.

Carter Hays will be working directly with the businesses that support our non profit.I will help coordinate all events, workshops, and fundraisers to continually support Breaking Your Silence. 


Amilia Powers will provide the coaching, mentoring, workshops, and facilitate weekly meetings. Amilia has authored a series of books, and eBooks on the subject of domestic violence and recovery, and knows first hand how to support and encourage women through this difficult time.

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