Transitioning From Down and Out to Uplifted

Transitioning From Down and Out to Uplifted

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To the outside world, I was “typical”. A young woman, divorced, a mother to two small childrennothing really out of the ordinary. Getting married so young had led to getting divorced young. My husband and I both wanted to live different lives. It was an inevitable ending to something that had happened far too early in my life.

It was when I started to date again that I found a big problemI was more successful at attracting the wrong kind of men than I’d realized. Does this sound familiar to you?

For me and my circumstance, having the wrong person in my life created a struggle, and made it hard for me to stay under control. The more I fought, the more my life unraveled. I didn’t like the person I turned into, becoming more distant from my life and never finding peace. I was just existing.

Is this happening to you?

Let's work together step by step to become healthier, and stronger.