Pain Behind Broken Vases

As the author of this book, I am dedicated, and committed to promoting public awareness of the overwhelming challenges for those trapped in domestic violence.

From my own experience, I discovered my silence was against me. Not asking for help created a life of pain and loneliness for me on a daily basis. I have learned through my experience the importance of speaking out, and the difference it would have made in my life.

I want the voices of all women to be heard.

Each chapter will keep you held in suspense. You will be following a woman planning her escape from the violence, and control of an abusive mans clutches.

This book will have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

You will feel first hand what it is like to only have fear and anxiety to hold on to. You will be by her side, as she motivates herself enough to take action, knowing this was her only means of safety.

Reserve your copy TODAY and purchase it here for $19.95. 

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